Safety, Health, And Environment

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Safety, Health and Environment


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Glossary of Acronyms

CCPS Centre for Chemical Process Safety HSE Health and Safety Executive HSWA Health and Safety at Work Act OH&S Occupational Health and Safety PR Process Safety QRA Quantitative
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This report aims to outline the values and principles of a risk-based approach to the management of occupational safety and health in an industrial or factory setting.
2. Risk-based approach
Centre for Chemical Process Safety (2007), delineates the adjective risk-based as one or more risk characteristics, elements or rudiments of a process, activity, or facility, and distinguishes that all risk-based and hazard-based techniques are not equal (CCPS, 2007). For instance, when considering the impending risks and hazards of a process in determining how much exactitude is required in making or building an operating procedure, risk-based approach or techniques are implemented instead of hazard-based approaches even though in designing of most procedures, understanding the hazard attributes is the primary determinant (CCPS, 2007).
Risk-based approaches of the management of occupational safety, health and wellbeing specifically in a process management system, as defined by Grossel (2008) is a process that uses risk-based methodologies to implement strategies which “commensurate with the risk-based need for process safety activities, availability of resources, and existing safety culture to design, upgrade and correct safety management activities” (Grossel, 2008, p127). Chilworth Global (2010) on the other hand defines risk-based approach in a process safety or process management as the
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