Safety Is A Vital Aspect Of Every Underground Mining

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Executive Summary Safety is a vital aspect of every underground mining activity. The Pike River tragedy was caused by human negligence from the management’s side. The employees were exposed to high volumes of toxic gases that risked their lives. A combination of factors led to the fatal tragedy that killed 29 employees and left two critically injured. The greatest failure emanated from the managers since their project development skills were weak. The hiring of unskilled miners affected the entire safety program since they could not use equipment as required. Even after receiving complaints about excess toxic gases, the management invested in coal extraction rather than safeguarding its employees. Various issues such as faulty ventilation, poor gas drainage systems, and poor project development contributed to the four explosions. The Pike River Coal Mine faced numerous complexities from its establishment. Firstly, it was constructed without the right engineering knowledge. It is evident that the leaders sought cheap mechanisms that could save funds. However, the management’s ideas led to one of the biggest mine accidents in New Zealand. The lack of concentrating on improving safety programs is a recipe for disaster as portrayed by the Pike River accident. Adequate knowledge of skilled engineers should have been sought in the development of this mine. The rights of employees in regards to workplace safety should also have been observed and adhered to by the relevant…
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