Safety Is Important And Seeing People All Over The Place

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Safety is important and seeing people all over the place with guns will make you feel uncomfortable. Guns on campus would lead to people not feeling safe, it will increase the suicides by college students, and would distract others from learning. Giving students the right to have a concealed handgun is like giving students the pink slip to just kill any and everyone, having a car is not safe on a college campus. Going to college is a very exciting moment of a young adult life. College is full it fun experiences, but one thing you don’t want to feel is unsafe. College supposed to but a safe environment for anyone and everyone that entering it. With everyone walking around the campus with guns on their side. You might just regret coming. It…show more content…
Some college kids can even feel like college is overwhelming and that they can’t do it anymore because it’s just too much on their plates, so there decides their life is not worked it. Either way if given the permission to have conceal gun on college campus it will be the worst mistake the government would have even deiced, because the kid in this generation are so careless etc. Having guns on a college campus can and will go wrong in so many way like for example. All college classes have debate ever now and then, and it can get a little heated. One side might feel one way and the other side might feel another way and that normal. Someone might say something that another doesn’t like and it might be that kid that just always have something to say and a kid it’s just feed up with them and their mouth (Some people really do feel this way toward some of their classmates) and they pulled out their gun to shut them up. Some people are irresponsible and let their feelings and emotion over power them to make unwise decision, and sometime its ok because were human but not when there are weapons involved are even nearby. Having a concealed gun in class can distract others from learning in many ways. Maybe a student got a new gun and brings it to class to show it off. Most of the students going to pay more attention to the
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