Safety Is The Top Of Everyone 's Mind

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Safety is always at the top of everyone 's mind. The main point of this research paper is to show how construction owners and contractors have, in addition to moral commitment to safety, an economic enticement to help minimize the quantity and severances of accidents that happen during construction projects. The increasingly high cost of accidents clearly gives owners and contractors good incentive to invest time and money with the safety efforts of the employees and subcontractors they hire. Studies done have proven that accidents are, to some extent, preventable and predictable through all levels of construction management. Intro The idea of safety has been around since the dawn of man. Primitive man always had a reason to have…show more content…
With more than 11 million men and women comprising the complex construction industry workforce, the need to keep them safe is of top priorities. Because of the complex sequences involved with the construction process, and complex levels of technology involved, there needs to be a heightened sense of awareness by all employees and workers in the field [1]. Prior to any action to enforce and regulate safety procedures there was a large number of on the job fatalities and other injuries. Construction managers and other top management officials have long since realized the importance of providing safety to their employees. This moral obligation that management took upon themselves came mainly because they of the realization of the high costs associated with potential construction injuries. These costs began eating into the profits of the employers, and once they realized the decrease of profits, higher attention began to regulate the safety of their employees. To help mitigate their losses, the implementation of the costs management began taking form, and cost codes were applied to projects. Two forms of costs were applied, the direct (insured) costs and the indirect (non-insured) costs. The direct costs that were analyzed included the " medical costs and premiums of workers ' compensation benefits, liability and property losses" [1]. The higher of the cost to the employers, the indirect costs, include items such as
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