Safety Management System ( Sms ) Will Benefit A Safety Culture Within An Organization

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This paper explores the idea of how an effective safety management system (SMS) will benefit a safety culture within an organization. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has set out guidelines on how to implement and develop an effective safety management system. Identifying and exploring an organizations current safety culture is need to ensure that the safety management system is operating to its full potential, which ultimately saves the company money in the long term. Techniques such as surveys, policies and setting safety objectives are all used to asses a safety culture. When talking about a safety management system it is important to understand the four pillars that support the system and lead to a well-rounded…show more content…
It is important to examine and understand how these companies operate and what their goals are before it is possible to implement an effective safety management system that can provide increased revenue and allow for constant progression towards a more generative safety culture that surrounds the organization. By using different techniques that have been developed through years of research, it is possible to transition away from a pathological culture which ultimately will improve the safety management system in place. Once the safety culture is assessed it will be possible to identify where a safety management system is lacking and to which of the four sections of the system must be improved. The four components of a safety management system are composed of; safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion. By improving the four components in the safety management system, the overall safety culture will see a benefit. After an organization has developed their own specific safety management system, they will be able to evaluate and grow the safety culture within the organization. Assessing a safety culture is not something that is accomplished easily, but with patience and the right techniques it can be accomplished efficiently. One agreed upon way by many is to use
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