Safety Measures For A System Administrator

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There may be some individuals who do not consider the role of system administrator as dangerous. While the role may not possess the types of dangers other jobs have, such as offshore drilling, or refinery work, there are safety measures that must be considered. In addition to safety considerations, a well-rounded system administrator must understand the steps necessary for effective troubleshooting. Effective troubleshooting, and safety considerations go hand-in-hand for system administrators.
Safety Measures for System Administrators
The term safety is most commonly associated with physical safety. While this is true, system administrators must consider other types of safety measures that include both logical safety, and physical safety. Logical safety is arguably one of the most important factors for a system administrator to consider.
Logical safety includes the security of the systems an administrator is responsible for. This type of safety consideration includes well-defined access control policies, periodic review of access, and the secure configuration of workstations and servers. When a system administrator ensures these types of controls are in place, the safety and security of company systems has a reasonable level of assurance. In addition, there are actual physical safety measures that must be considered (Frisch, 1995).
Safety Measures for Electronics
System administrators must work with electronics as a part of their day-to-day job responsibilities.
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