Safety Net Specialty Care Program: Case Study

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I have another question concerning the Safety Net Specialty Care Program. Recently, it has come to my attention that KP uses an outside vendor that provides holter and event monitors for KP and safety net patients may receive a bill for this service. HealthConnect is denying these claims because the patients are technically nonmembers. Long story short, there has been conversations in the past about some kind of special identifier for safety net patients but because the volume is so small, this option has not been a priority for the HealthConnect team. As of August 31, there have been five patients who have received services from this vendor in 2016 (total $754.01). I spoke with Rob Pon, DME Operations Business Consultant and Michael Wills, Accounts Payable Supervisor and since I know the exact patients, we came up with a process I outlined below to pay the vendor for services provided, along with a two questions in red. • End of each month I send a list of MRN numbers to the vendor Medicomp Inc. •…show more content…
• Also, please confirm that I have listed the correct account codes to process the payments. Business Unit GL LOCATION Department Account Project 1608 16002 9501 81560 N/A We all came to an agreement that this process may have to be revised in the future if the volume increases or there are changes in the KP accounting department best practices. Thank you, and have a wonderful
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