Safety Precautions For The Aerospace Industry

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In this research paper the researcher is exploring the different rates of accidents that occur due to the fuel exhaustion and fuel starvation with respect to the aviation safety and providing the concept of safety precautions for the aerospace industry. This study will be helpful in providing the basis related to the past findings and previous researches about the problems and issues in the fuel management systems and engineers response to the difficulties in maintaining the qualities of an aircraft engine. The main focus of the research is on Aviation safety and its relation with fuel management system. Finally, the research also analyzes many statistical aspects of different categories of jets to the fuel exhaustion and fuel starvation and tries to gauge its effect on fuel management system.

Keywords: Aviation Safety, Fuel Management, Fuel Starvation, Fuel Exhaustion, Rates of Aircraft Accidents. Table of Contents

Introduction 1 Research Question 2 Research Hypothesis 2
Literature Review 2
Research Methodology 5
Results 6 Descriptive Analysis 6 ANOVA 7 Correlation 7
Conclusion 7
References 9
Appendices 10

Aviation Safety and Statistics

Introduction The nature of the accidents related to the fuel exhaustion and the fuel starvation have become persistent nowadays. Therefore, in this regard, there is a need to make a proper report regarding the occurrence of different high profile and major accidents that could facilitate the current…
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