Safety Precautions in Bench Fitting Shop

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Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah. Fitting Shop Fitting Shop or Bench Work The fitting and bench work plays an important role in engineering work shop. The work carried out at the fitting bench or bench vice is called bench work. Safety Precautions The following safety precautions should be taken when using hand tool and equipments. Precautions are most important for safety from accident. Keep proper discipline in the shop. Do not play with the tools because they are sharp All files should be fitted with suitable handle at the end of file. When using Hacksaw, check its teeth should be sharp and forward position. When using chisel its direction should be kept away from other working persons.…show more content…
It is used for holding the work such as metal sheet for drilling or fitting. Pipe Vice It is used for holding pipes, shafts or round jobs. It consists of two jaws, one of which is fixed and other is movable. The shape of this jaw is like "V" and it grips the work at four points. Pin Vice It is used for holding small diameter work or object, such as wires, pins etc. It consist of a fine self centering chuck. Cutting Tools The cutting tools used in fitting shop are: File Hacksaw Cold Chisel Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah. Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah. File The file is a harden piece of high grade steel or high carbon steel with slating saws. It is used for cut smooth or fit metal parts. It is used to cut the metal expected harden steel and it is used in forward stroke. Types of Files Flat File It has double cut on both sides and single on both edges. It is mostly used for general work and filing flat surfaces. A large amount of metal can be removed with this file, and they don't produce smooth surfaces. Square File It is double cut file on all sides, and used for enlarging square holes and filing of slats and key ways. Triangular File Its section is triangular and faces are double cut and edges are single cut. Its each side on 60 degrees. It is used for filing internal angles, shoulders or
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