Safety Procedures On And Off The Water

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Safety We continue our educational and training sessions for our staff on all safety procedures on and off the water. Over the past two months we have hosted regular first aid and CPR training. As the venue grows the need for in house security has became a priority. Over the past two years we have outsourced security. Beginning this month we will have one full time and one part time officer on staff. We are estimating to have a budget saving with in house security. Operations Flood Recovery During the recent flooding, we sustained damage to equipment, racecourse and docks. While majority of the damage is covered under the Foundations insurance we do have several items that were not. One of our large gangways south of the Chesapeake Boathouse washed off of its foundations. Both Universities docks were washed out for the inlets and are considered a total lose. The foundation has been working closely with both Universities and the dock manufacture to replace the dock system. Both Universities have filed claims with FEMA for disaster relieve and are currently working through the process. We too, filed a claim with FEMA but under the Non Profit guidelines we only qualify for debris removal and emergency preventive maintenance funding. We will be submitting our staffing cost for debris removal under the FEMA guidelines. The racecourse was not a total lose and we are currently working with our insurance company to recover those loses. Lake Overhoulser
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