Safety Programs : A Safety Program

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Peter Kiewit said, in 1965, “I cannot stress too strongly that a safety program in itself cannot save lives or prevent injury. In the final analysis, results are determined by the manner in which everyone carries out their assignments … I expect each of you to exercise a high degree of safety awareness. I expect each of you to recognize an unsafe condition quickly and correct it immediately. I hope you will never behave impulsively and without regard for your safety or the safety of others.” Kiewit has a very good safety program that makes this company very successful. The reason this company has gotten to the place it is now is they continuously strive to make the job sites a safe work place for their employees. From safety responsibilities, extra training, planning, safety communication, inspections, safety committee, investigating, reporting and record keeping, recognition plan and holding each other and themselves accountable. That’s how this company keeps their employees safe. “The responsibility for safety lies with each of us as employees. We must continually be on the alert for unsafe behaviors or conditions and correct them immediately. Furthermore, we should do our part to ensure we approach these actions in a positive, constructive manner—to teach, rather than to enforce. Incident prevention and the reduction of on-the-job injuries are the two major responsibilities of every employee of Kiewit Bridge & Marine. All employees must be dedicated to ensure that
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