Safety Requirements For Healthcare Facilities

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Safety is a major concern worldwide, especially in the healthcare facilities. Patient safety is the responsibility of all healthcare professionals (Vaismoradi, Jordan, & Kangasniemi, 2015). You see different safety implementations taken place in the different healthcare facilities, rather it involves medication administration, transferring a patient, preventing the spread of diseases, and or just correctly identifying the patient through patient participation and education. However, Studies have been done, that show safety outcomes are better met with the active participation of the patient (Vaismoradi et al., 2015). As a healthcare professional, you need to be aware of the different issues that might affect a patient safety and participation in safety measures, like their environment or mobility (Kenny, 2016). A majority of individuals, have had a family member or someone they know, that has been in a healthcare facility and witnessed a wide variety of safety implementations taken place or being neglected. A personal experience of my own witnessing of safety implementations taken place in a healthcare facility, was when my grandfather was admitted to the hospital for a MI. The nurses took good care of my grandfather, and seemed to follow the rules and regulations in regard to patient safety for that particular hospital. “Patient safety is the prevention of errors and adverse events associated with provision of healthcare” (Vaismoradi et al., 2015, P. 628). Patient
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