Safety Systems Of The Airline Industry

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Long over a week ago, news that a commercial airliner operated by United Airlines was allegedly hacked and redirected in midair by One World Labs Founder Chris Roberts, sparked questions regarding whether such a task is possible and if so, what it may mean in terms of future transportation safety. With security always being a prime concern in the airline industry, this claim from Chris Roberts has raised a number of concerns from experts as well as the general public They are both eager to know the extent to which this story is true. Historically a plane’s control systems have been very manual, based on hydraulics and mechanical circuits, with some form of automation of the control systems, however in the last couple of decades, the control systems have been upgraded and today most modern jet-liners are controlled by electronic control systems – also known as a fly-by-wire controls. These upgrades have been required in order to increase reliability as well as support the increased functionality required by the control systems to operate more sophisticated engines and much larger planes. Each new plane comes equipped more automated than the last. The question on everyone 's mind is, should I worry? There are some fundamental things that airplane manufacturers and their related partners have done to protect against such attacks. First of all, there is a strong separation between the entertainment system and the avionics control systems. Of course after the recent claims there

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