Safety Training Program Should Be Selected

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Introduction The safety training program should be tailored to the employee’s day to day job. The training reinforces the belief that safety is critical in the accomplishment of jobs within the organization. The safety training needs of the organization will be identified by focusing on the training needs of the job. The employees thus have to learn how to perform their jobs in a safe way after being trained o safety within the work place. The success of any safety training program will largely depend on the employees having the requisite knowledge and skills necessary for them to do their jobs in a safe way. The individual employees, supervisors and the organization as a whole also have to adhere to legal requirements as stipulated by the…show more content…
The training needs will be identified through the review of the organizations inventory occupations, job hazard analysis procedures, investigations of accidents, analysis of data on injury and workplace surveys. The coordinator of safety within the organization should be able to consult with the management, human resource to review the safety training needs of the organization on an annual basis. The organization should conduct survey on the training needs on the employees to establish the frequency with which training will be conducted. The training standards for each job should also be reviewed in the situation of frequent accidents as identified from the accident investigation forms. The managers and supervisors of the organization should ensure that they have an updated matrices for the employees. This will include:  Corporate and departmental training requirements  Time frames for the completion of the safety training program.  Record of the training activity and the results. The organization should also ensure that the training program is developed by a competent individual and formalized such that it brings uniform standard and completeness in the whole organization. The trainers will provide the training and define the training requirements in consultation with the management of the organization. Safety Orientation
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