Safety, Wellness And Health Of Emergency Medicine Service

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Safety and Wellness in the EMS System
The wellness and health of emergency medicine service (EMS) workforces extends beyond just avoiding infections to include physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing. EMS workers usually encounter stressful events when performing their duties. There is no doubt that stress has a detrimental physiological impact on the human body; therefore, it is imperative for EMS workers to have stress management mechanisms, and be informed of the crisis intervention methods in order to cub illness related to stress (Brennan & Krohmer, 2008). EMS workers have several responsibilities; however, personal safety is the most crucial. Awareness of the scene hazards and emergencies plays a
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In fact, lack of illness is often ranked the lowest among the various factors contributing to wellness (Spratlin, 2011). The benefits of wellness for EMS workers have been well documented in literature including having inner peace, an implied sense of individual purpose, and being physically adept in undertaking greater achievements. Physical health has been considered the most noticeable indicator of wellness. In a state of physical health, the human body can resist injury and illness, and function in an optimal manner characterized by improved cardiovascular capacity, respiratory reserve, and optimal blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, physical health is characterized by a reduction in the risk factors associated with a number of the major illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases among others. Physical wellness can be achieved through a number of ways (Spratlin, 2011). The first method involves proper diet, which has been a considered a crucial aspect of physical health. A proper diet should have all the needed in the right amounts. According to Spratlin (2011), optimal body functionality can be achieved through the intake of a proper diet having essential minerals and vitamins, proteins and fats to help in maintaining the body, and carbohydrates to provide energy. An important consideration with respect to dietary intake is the type of food intake, and the need to moderate the
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