Safety, Wellness And Health Of Emergency Medicine Service

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Safety and Wellness in the EMS System
The wellness and health of emergency medicine service (EMS) workforces extends beyond just avoiding infections to include physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing. EMS workers usually encounter stressful events when performing their duties. There is no doubt that stress has a detrimental physiological impact on the human body; therefore, it is imperative for EMS workers to have stress management mechanisms, and be informed of the crisis intervention methods in order to cub illness related to stress (Brennan & Krohmer, 2008). EMS workers have several responsibilities; however, personal safety is the most crucial. Awareness of the scene hazards and emergencies plays a crucial role in making sure that the public and EMS workers are safe. This paper discusses wellness and safety in the EMS system.
Wellness should not be perceived just as the lack of illness. According to Brennan & Krohmer (2008), this one-dimensional view of wellness does not take into consideration the complexity associated with human existence. Brice, et al. (2011) consider wellness to be a multifaceted notion that encompasses a number of aspects including physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social wellbeing. For Tintinalli, Cameron, & Holliman (2010), wellness entails an active process characterized by being mindful about and making decisions aimed at achieving a more successful human existence. It is evident from…
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