Safety in the Mining Industry

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Introduction The mining industry in the western countries is trying to introduce technology that can ensure safe mining as well as best processes and practices during the mining process. These practices have been put in practice by developing countries and have achieved good results in preventing disaster and saving lives in case there is a disaster. The mining industries play a significant role in making sure there is sustainable technology development and improved rescuing skills in order to reduce major damage as well as enhancing the quality of life within their operational work area. This should be the aim of mining industries; they should try to implement innovative technologies and training programs by using mining and environment technologies in preventing major disasters. There is need for rescuers, employees and other stakeholders to be equipped with knowledge about the safety measures and rescuing tactics that can be applied in the mining places in case of major disasters. Through mining safety programs the employees will always be ready and well equipped for any disaster that could take place, (Page, Arthur W. 1912). When the personnel in the company have been trained on the emergency response and evacuation procedures, they will be able to help lives of the people through quick rescuing. Through training programs the workers in the mines will also be able to know how to use mechanical equipment well to avoid any mistakes that can result into explosion as
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