Safety of Genetically Modified Organism Crops

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Even though GMOs are viewed as acts against god and are inhuman because of mutations in the plants, genetically modified organism are the solution to end world hunger and food shortages because Gmos can be create to grow healthier plants which can be used to feed third world countries and Gmos can be grown to be more resistant to weather which will enable us to grow food in any place on earth, increasing the number of food for everyone.
Genetic Engineering is defined as a direct manipulation of genetic code inside of a living organism. By the early 70s, scientist were able to directly modify and recombine DNA from a monkey virus named SV40 and parts of a lambda virus. Later in the following years more advancement followed increase the number of scientist and achievement in the field in of Genetic Engineering. One of the ever occurring arguments that has plagued the community for as long as the first GMO was used in the environment has been is it right to manipulate life. The questions today is that of much debate still. One of the biggest weapons used against this has GMOs can lead to mutations and unknown side effect if eaten, however studies done have shown that there is no effect whatsoever when eaten.

One of the many potential that GMOs are expected to achieve in the up and coming years is the ability to grow food in harsh conditions and unsuitable conditions. For example in china half the cotton grown in 2002 was genetically modified to produce a substance that is
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