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Safety is a tremendous issue on college campuses, and additional procedures need to be taken to prevent crimes from happening. When walking onto a college campus as a young adult, people get a rush of the unknown. The unknown could be going to college parties and late night study groups. College should be like any high school or elementary school and have better security measures to protect their students. The reasons we need these extra steps are to prevent violence, give students a sense of security, and monitor visitors on campus.
First of all, violence can be prevented on campuses among the students once safety issues are put in place. There are several ways to prevent the violence including security cameras and metal detectors.
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In another incident at Western Kentucky University, a young woman was raped, stabbed, and burned to death in her dorm. Everyone that entered the building was supposed to sign in and show identification in this case the one involved walked in without being questioned, he proceeded to her room where she was brutally murdered. When visitors are seen by security and made to sign in and show identification, it would help monitor the visitors in each building. Therefore, guards stationed outside of dorms at night would prevent unauthorized visitors in the building and the guards could personally identify who enters and leaves each building. Thirdly, visitors on a campus is not a bad thing, but they must be monitored for student safety. There have been other crimes on campuses like purse snatching in the middle of the day, car break-ins, and shoplifting at the school stores. In addition, the most up-to-date statistics show there were more than 35,000 reported crimes on U.S. college campuses in just one year. Furthermore, if a crime occurs the person involved can be identified easier by checking the log book and talking to security. Having more than one safety measure in place allows further evidence if something was to happen. The experience that occurs at college must reflect to younger generations that college is not a scary place, and that it is a safe and secure place as if they were at

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