Safety on construction site

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You are about to visit a construction site. It will be your first visit to this site. Describe how you would approach the site from a SAFETY point of view; identify the likely hazards you may encounter and what precautions you can take to minimise the risk of injury to others and yourself.

Safety assignment

The construction industry has a not so good reputation in health and safety having 70% of people killed in their first two weeks of visiting a live site. In order to put this in the past I must know exactly what to do when visiting a live site for the fist time. This report will be describing how to approach the site from a safety point of view identifying likely hazards and precautions to take to minimise injury to others and myself.
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·Make sure I report any ill practises to the site manager.


·I would make sure all other moving parts are guarded unless safe by position or construction.

·I would make sure I turn off any machine after I finish using it thus preventing others from hurting themselves.

·I would make sure that I use the machine in the correct and safe manner.


·I would make sure any road I am using is clear of all unnecessary objects that might get in the way of my work.

·I would make sure no loose material is in a position to fall on pedestrians using road below by tying down material and removing objects that might be dangerous.


·First I would make sure scaffolding is fully erected.

·I would make sure the scaffolding has a firm foundation using a sole board.

·I would make sure scaffolds are designed and erected to manufacturers recommendations.

·I would make sure scaffold can carry my weight and others using the structure.

·I would make sure there is nothing blocking access to scaffolding.


·I would make sure I know the type of electricity that is flowing through the site.

·I would make sure I know dangerous areas in which electrical apparatus is used.

·I would make sure I wear boots with rubber soles to prevent electrocution.


·I would make sure when going up on the roof there is no possibility of myself falling.

·If the roof
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