Saffola Masala Oats: Brand Image and Position

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Executive Summary: [Venu] As part of this project report, we were trying to answer, “How Saffola Masala Oats can improve upon its brand image and subsequent brand positioning (repositioning) with Bangalore Urban crowd as its target audience”. We therefore conducted a Brand audit on Saffola Oats to obtain a snapshot of the current perceptions of the target audience. We hope to uncover the real health of the brand and to get a better understanding of the desires of the target audience through a survey that we floated among our IIMB, office, residence and friends circles. The 100+ survey responses that we received were analyzed to get an understanding of the following brand characteristics. Brand Awareness: ● 46% of the people surveyed are aware that Saffola makes Oats-based breakfast products (based on Name the First Brand that comes to your mind results) Brand Recognition & Recall: ● 30% of the people surveyed were able to recognize Saffola Oat’s tagline ● 66% of the people survey were able to recognize Saffalo’s oats brand image Brand Loyalty: ● 60% of the people eat Saffola oats ● 54% consider themselves loyal to Saffola oats ● 80% recommend Saffola oats to others Brand Image: Attitude towards Saffola brand and product portfolio: Attitude towards Competition brands: Issues observed: ● Even though 54% of surveyed people consider themselves as loyal to Saffola oats, we observed that, almost all buyers of Saffola oats also consume other oats brands (a whopping 54% also

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