Safilo Group : A Limited Liability Company Registered

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Safilo Group is a limited liability company registered in Italy. The registered office is located in Pieve di Cadore, whereas the administrative headquarters are located in Padua at offices of the secondary Safilo Spa. Safilo Group has been in the eyewear market for eighty years and is the second worldwide producer of sunglasses and prescription frames. Safilo is active in the design, manufacture and wholesale and retail distribution of eyewear products.
Safilo is the global leader in the high-end eyewear segment of the market and also one of the top three sports eyewear producers and distributors worldwide. Safilo is vertically integrated, which means they design, produce and distribute their entire product assortment. Safilo’s distribution is through many markets such as Canada, SLA, Europe, and 3O market, both specialized outlets and retail distribution chains. Safilo takes pride in their production-distribution chain which consist of these phases: research and technological innovation, design and product development, planning, programming and purchasing, production, quality control, marketing and communication, sales, distribution and logistics.
Safilo has a strong team that is focused on the development and design of their products; this is on of the company’s key strengths. Their team of designers guarantees constant technical and stylistic innovation.
Safilo has both licensed and house brands; this helps Safilo have a clear separation strategy of customers. Since…

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