Saga Of The Sioux Nation Analysis

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The Sioux Nation is a nation established before America was a country and is still around. They are still being treated unfair by the government. The average life expectancy on a Sioux Reservation is 47 years for men and 52 years for women. In the book Saga of the Sioux, the author discussed different conflicts and the theme.

In the book of Saga of the Sioux, the two major conflicts are Man vs. Society and Man vs. Nature “Mostly women and children as prisoners, although they were accused of no crime other than they were born an Indian.” This is man vs society because the Native Americans were mistreated just because they were Native Americans. “More than 150,000 white settlers, pushed into Santee Country.” They didn’t care that they did not own it, they just moved into it. That would be like someone just moved into your yard and just living there. “Blizzards and severe cold made it impossible for some couriers.”
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American soldiers, government, and settler treated the Sioux badly. An example from the book that is wrote in third person is, “They were prowly, fierce and fraud warning. For the Soldiers it is “If they had left him alone he was going put his gun down.” That is how a war broke out. The government did not care that people were violating their laws. “Alarmed by the white men gold crazy and army’s failure to protest their territory.” They did not care about the Native Americans and their land.
Have you ever had your rights taken away or been mistreated based on your ethnicity? Why does our society downgrade people based on race/religion? What would you do if you were in a situation where if you defended yourself you would be killed or harshly punished? How are the Native Americans (Sioux) still struggling today, and what would their ancestors think? The novel Saga of the Sioux does an extraordinary job elaborating on the struggles of the Sioux in the past (and still

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