Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War Ii Essay

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Blakely Durham
Professor Perkins
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8 May 2013
Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War II World War II was a very iconic and memorable time in American history. Because the war lasted for nearly seven years, the ending was an absolute celebration. The United Sates had come out on top and citizens all around the country rejoiced for weeks. Two people in particular, a sailor and a nurse, celebrated with a kiss. The kiss was photographed and is now known as “Sailor Kissing Nurse,” while also becoming one of the most highly influential pictures ever taken in American history. This photo not only marked the end of World War II (WWII), but it also gave Americans the sense of a new post-war beginning. The “Sailor Kissing
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This was a very important time period for women because they were finally starting to seem like more than just housewives. Many of them worked full time along with providing for their families. Despite the struggles, the war became a way to bring the nation together to fight for one common goal. World War II was essentially a nation-wide collaboration. The economy boomed as more jobs were created to make war supplies and weapons for the soldiers and Americans worked together to win the war. Everyone, whether they were fighting, working or helping was focused on the ultimate goal of beating the Nazis along with the rest of the Axis Powers and achieving peace. The United States dealt with the pain and sacrifices of the war for so long that when it was over, Americans were overwhelmed with excitement. Despite bringing the country together, the war brought more bad than good. Thus, the end of the war became an extremely memorable event in American history which is why the sailor kissing the nurse is recognized nation-wide.
As the Japanese announced their surrendering from the war on August 14th, 1945, over 700,000 people rushed to Times Square to celebrate. George Mendonsa, the sailor photographer, was one of many ecstatic about the wars end. Mendonsa was a war sailor who had recently been on leave from the war. He claims the kiss was due to pure “excitement of the war being over” (Daily Mail Reporter). The Japanese surrendering was so important to Mendonsa because he
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