Sainsbury Ratio Analysis Essay

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FIN4501 FINANCIAL REPORTING COURSEWORK GROUP MEMBERS MISIS SYED ALI AOUSAJA M00190925 MOHD OVASE BUDA M00380435 SYED ZAIN HASSAN M00375419 ZOHAIB KAMRAN M00384153 TUTORS NAME: FIROOZEH GHAFFARI SUBMISSION DATE: 19TH JANUARY 2012 WORDS COUNT: J Sainsbury PLC List of content Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Justification for the selection -------------------------------------------------- 4 Review ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 * Strengths ------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 *…show more content…
* Keen importance is given to its human resource on which it relies and invests for their training and development in order to enhance the efficiency and profitability per employee. 2) Weakness * Though the system is highly based on information, the huge size has putting a lot pressure on the system since every transaction takes some time and the requirement of instant actions are increasing exponentially. * Since wide range of products are present in different sector including food, clothing, finance etc. therefore the focus is not comparable to its more confused competitors. 3) Future potentials * Potentials are present in coming future if the number of strategic partners is increased globally such as china region or sub-continent region. * Current policies are also progressive and the company is continuing its expansion. This expansion will increase the profitability on regional basis. Evaluation of current financial performance For the purpose of evaluation, there are some financial ratios which are calculated and the analysis of the results shows the performance of the company over the years. Financial analysis is the evaluation and interpretation of the financial data. This analysis is important for investment and financial decision making. This financial can be internal to the company for check and balance and for the measurement of the employees performances. This financial ratio calculation
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