Essay on Sainsbury's Marketing Communications Plan

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In order to provide a structure upon which a comprehensive marketing plan can be build, Sainsbury's should adopt a SOSTAC model in order to help the development of a logical structure combined with the key elements of a plan. The current situation puts Sainsbury's in the UK's third-largest supermarket chain, with a market share of around 16% .with 823 stores, unveiled profits of £488m, up 28% on last year's levels, with 15 consecutive quarters of sales growth, Given the current environment shows how the strength and broad appeal of the Sainsbury's brand has improved substantially during the past four years. Like-for-like sales growth, excluding fuel, of 4.3 per cent over the summer quarter and 3.9 per cent for the first half,…show more content…
The exception was sales of heat-and-eat Chinese and Indian meals, which are "growing strongly, replacing takeaways". Sainsbury's managed to segment the market efficently using Nectar card database, coupled with purchase records which provides users with the power to understand customer buying patterns broken down by a multitude of geodemographic criteria. This helped Sainsbury's to divide their customers in quality orientated 55%, famili orientated 20% and traditional orientated 25%. Also if we look at the market share by region ,Sainsbury's has 25% market share in london, 14% in east uk 10% in wales and west and only 6% in scotland. The objectives for 2008-2009 are ranging from delivering an ever-improving quality shopping experience for customers with great products at fair prices, to improving profit margin as for example Morrison's , even though they relatively smaller in size of business, but they have much better profit margin and revenue per sq ft, with less number of stores. Other objectives are to help people to eat healthy and to have a balanced diet, to be explicit about the products and how they are produced, , to increase the range of organic food , to offer free cooking courses and reaching more customers through additional channels by opening new convenience stores and developing the online home delivery operation. The most important market strategy is to be the market leader. The leader has the largest market share
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