Sainsbury's Supply Chain Transformation Case Study Examination

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In order to response to the loss of market leader status in current competitive market environment, Sir Peter Davis, CEO of the Sainsbury's Group, decided to commence a project called "7-in-3" supply chain management project in late 2000. Company's Supply Chain Director, Martin White, summarized the 4 key principles of "7-in-3" supply chain strategy.
Rises of automated fulfillment factories and primary consolidation centre. Due to Sainsbury's competitor - ASDA is moving forward aggressively, Sainsbury's top management noticed that ASDA has an information system that provided a more efficient supply chain. This system pleased customers, improving the ASDA's market share and increasing the company's profits. So that Sainsbury's decided to
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It leaves so little time to understand the job, to assign the management resource appropriate. Maybe it is just too impatient to look forward to outpace its

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