Sainsburys objectives!

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Sainsbury Plc


The company aim is to provide a world class service to customers by incorporating quality principles with our everyday routine.


The company's objective is to discharge the responsibility as leaders in its trade by acting with complete integrity, by carrying out its work to the public good and to the quality of life in the community, to provide unrivalled value to its customers in the quality of the goods it sells, in the competitiveness of its prices and in the range of choice it offers.

It aims in its stores, to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, efficiency of operation, convenience and customer service, and thereby create as attractive and friendly a shopping
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The products/services offered are a large supermarket, a wide range of food and non-food e.g. cd/video, books, pharmaceuticals, a cook shop, food includes:- bakery, meat, fish produce, dairy, frozen foods, tinned/packets, also a customer restaurant and a petrol station.

The location of the company is in Huddersfield - adjacent to the ring road opposite The University of Huddersfield and Oldgate House - same side as Aspley Marina.

Reasons why the organisation is located in Calderdale/Kirklees are to provide a service to customers within the geographical area and the suitable density of population.

Reasons for this specific site are because of excellent road links for distribution and particularly customers, a good public transport system and land available for sale suitable for new store.

The production process is split into Inputs, the Process and Outputs.

The Inputs are goods and commodities are received from suppliers and received 24 hours a day.

The Process is that when received, all items are counted manually and taken to the warehouse - loaded on to special shelves. Information is recorded on the computer. Each department identifies goods needed. A list is made and items taken for display and sale in the shop. Department staff replenish the shelves when needed under close supervision and management in order to supply a high class service to customers.

There is a customer self service - and
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