Saint Benedict School

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We are proud that after all these years, so many of our alumni are thankful for their experiences at Saint Benedict School and still believe in the power of Catholic education.
One of those alumni is Richard Bender, who attended Saint Benedict School from 1939 to 1947, before attending Carrolltown High School.
"Saint Benedict School gave me a desire to learn and to do the best I can."
“My father, two younger brothers, a younger sister, and my cousins living in Carrolltown also attended Saint Benedict,” Richard said. “At that time, Saint Benedict School was the only grade school in Carrolltown. There was a public grade school in a nearby town, Bakerton (Elmora).”
Richard has vivid memories of the school. “It was staffed by all Benedictine nuns who
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“It was my first Alma Mater, and it gave me a good start in life,” he said. “The teachers—all nuns—were good teachers and very dedicated. The school still has a very good reputation.”
Attending Saint Benedict School was just the first step in Richard’s journey to successful future.
“The school gave me a very solid background for furthering my education,” he said, “and it helped me greatly in expanding my background for my future. It gave me a desire to learn and to do the best I can.”
After graduating from Carrolltown High School in 1951, Richard worked for his uncle’s business, Bender Electric Company. Following, he joined the U.S. Navy and was active in the Korean War.
“After two years, I finished my enlistment and became a student at Penn State in State College,” Richard said. “Upon graduation in 1958 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, I worked as a research engineer at HRB Singer in State College. In 1962, I left HRB to work at St. Francis College in Loretto as a physics professor. Eight years later, I left St. Francis and joined the faculty at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown as an electrical engineering professor. I retired in
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