Saint Dominque And French Revolution

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However, when Napoleon Bonaparte attempted to reinstate slavery at the beginning of the 19th century, there was much objection specifically by Toussaint (de Breda) Louverture. Toussaint created a new constitution for Saint-Dominque without slavery and placed administrators in charge over the islands government, commerce, and legislation (Dubois/Garrigus,169). Napoleaon sent troops to Saint-Dominque, arrested Toussaint and deported him to France; however, this only furthered intensified the fighting. After much strife, Napoleon eventually gave up and the Haitian Declaration of Independence was created on January 1, 1804 and later a constitution in 1805 (Dubois/Garrigus,188). Both Saint-Dominque and French revolution played a part in each others revolution. Saint-Dominque is a refection of what is going on in France, because it is partially a revolution in France and against France. The French Revolution started as a debt crisis, turned in to a financial crisis, which spiraled in to political and social crises of the revolution. The French were already in debt and then decided to help the American Colonies in their revolt against the British which led to their debt crisis. The debt got so bad that King Louis XVI was on the verge of going bankrupt and was forced to call the Assembly of Notables in 1787. The Assembly of Notables did not work out because the king asks the Assembly to give up the majority of their privileges, but refused to offer a reason why. This secrecy
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