Saint James Place Is A Place

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Saint James Place is a place the welcomes all people who are struggling and are in need of food, clothes, and a job. Only the people who really need help come to Saint James. A lot of struggling people rely on Saint James for food, clothes, and warmth. Every weekday night they have a dinner for people to come in for the cold or from the heat and have a hot meal in front of them for a night. The banquet hall is full of people almost every night and when it is not they can go back up for seconds. Saint James is more than just a place where food is cooked and given to the hungry. It is a place where people can pick up groceries, get clothes and shoes, and help people with various things that can better their life. The people at Saint James…show more content…
When the van is unloaded, the van is swept from anything that fell out of the boxes and the food that was rotten and already open and not any good is thrown away in the garbage. Once inside all the food that is used is taken to the pantry to be sorted and put in the right place. Some days the cook takes food and brings it in the kitchen and puts it in the back freezer and is frozen in zero degree temperature and eventually it comes back and is used for a dinner that night. The food in the pantry is eventually put into grocery bags and put into carts and given to the hungry. There are two grocery bags in each cart, a gallon of milk, a package of frozen meat, and a 106 oz. can of black eyed peas. There are about ten grocery carts lined up each filled groceries. Once one cart leaves and comes it is immediately filled with more groceries. During this time everybody is doing something. They are either making grocery bags, filling up the empty carts, inserting food, bringing the carts to the people, and bringing skids of food in.People come in from nine to twelve to get groceries and then they close until dinner. At twelve most the volunteers leave and go home, while the people who work there prepare for the next day and dinner that night. This could include making more bags of groceries, restocking the pantry shelves, and organizing the freezer, and
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