Saint Joan of Arc Essay

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Saint Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc lived an extraordinary life and accomplished incredible feats during, her brief lifetime. Joan is in a league of her own. As a girl at an absurdly young age and with no military knowledge, she convinces the Dauphin of France that she is a messenger from god and helps lead the almost diminished French army drive the English away from French soil. Her remarkable clairvoyance to foresee future events and for things to fall magically in place at least at the beginning of her career, compels one to believe in her saintly powers or in her connection with a higher being. Joan of Arc was born at Doremy in Champagne on January 6, 1412. Witnesses claim that the roosters of the village hailed her
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While Joan was being rejected by Baudricourt, the military situation of King Charles and his supporters was growing more desperate. Orleans was the last major city that stood between the English and the heart of France, but by the end of the year, complete defeat of the French seemed imminent. It was at this time that Joan’s voices became even more urgent and sometimes even threatening. She states that it was in vain she resisted. She told the voices that “I am a poor girl; I do not know how to ride or fight” (Brooks 54). The voices only reiterated: “It is God who commands it” (54). Succumbing at last, she again visited Vaucouleurs and talked to Baudricourt, he finally listened to her. He was skeptical at first, but her persistence gradually made an impression on him. Joan made an announcement of a great defeat of the French outside Orleans that was later confirmed a few days later. With Baudicourt’s help, Joan finally made her way to see the Dauphin at Chinon. To test her, the Dauphin disguised himself among a group of attendants, but immediately she saluted him. She convinced him to take her seriously by telling him about a private prayer that he had made in November when he had asked God to aid him in his cause if he was the rightful heir to the throne and to punish himself alone rather than his people if his sins were responsible for their suffering. (During this time the Queen, the mother of Charles,

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