Saint Katharine Drexel Essay

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Katharine once said, “Christ wishes the Christian Community to be a body that is perfect because we work together towards a single end, and the higher the motive which actuates this collaboration the higher, no doubt, will be the union. Now the end in question is supremely exalted: the continuous sanctification of the Body for the glory of God and the Lamb that was slain.” (A-Z Quotes). This quote describes Katharine’s way of working towards creating her orphanages and schools with her order. Despite overcoming many difficulties in her earlier life, Saint Katharine Drexel created her own religious order, donated generously to charities, and established schools to teach the faith the others; consequently, she is one of the most dynamic missionary saints from America.
Saint Katharine Drexel was born in Philadelphia on November 26, 1858 to Hannah Langstroth and Francis Anthony Drexel (Wallace). Hannah grew ill and later died on January 29, 1883. In February of 1885, her father became ill and later died from that illness (Wallace). After the death of her parents, she inherited a large sum of money, which she later
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Her orphanage was blessed on July 28, 1888 (Wallace). She trained with her religious order, called the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, for three and a half years before opening her first school in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1892. By 1942 she had a system of African American Catholic schools in thirteen states, plus forty mission centers and twenty-three rural schools (Smith). After living a very religious life, Saint Katharine died on March 3, 1995 (Wallace) at the age of 96. Before her death she suffered from a heart attack at age 77 but miraculously survived (Smith). Five years after her death, she was canonized by Pope John Paul II on October 1, 2000. Saint Katharine was the second American born saint to be canonized (Catholic
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