Saint Margaret Mary And The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Summary

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Discover the history and the origin of the First Friday devotion and Sacred Heart of Jesus in Saint Margaret Mary and the Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Mary Fabyan Windeatt. Saint Margaret Mary and the Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus tells the astounding story of a french nun, from her painful and ailing childhood to her glorious visions of Jesus as a humble and healthy nun. During Margaret's lifetime , she grows in the virtues of obedience, loyalty, and piety.

Throughout Margaret’s Lifetime she develops the virtue of Obedience, by her words and actions . One morning, Margaret was planning to gather some wild flowers for Our lady's shrine but Aunt Benedicta forbade her to leave the house without permission and put her to work. Even though Margaret was very disappointed that she couldn’t go pick flowers for Our Blessed Mother, Margaret obediently answered “I….I’ll be glad to help” and though still very weak, Margaret obeyed, and did the list of things her aunt told her to do. During Margarets time in the convent, the Lord had asked her to make a very big sacrifice, and that was to eat cheese. Margaret absolutely despised cheese, “It would be a thousand times easier to die than to eat cheese” thought Margaret. She had tried to eat the
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