Saint Of Ecology Case Study

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environment. Working as a Park Ranger might not be the most dangerous of law enforcement duties, but there is always a threat. The Associated Press (2012) covered an article wherein Margaret Anderson was gunned down on New Year’s Day while conducting a traffic stop on Mount Rainier. The shooter was Benjamin Barnes, a 24-year-old who wanted a challenge of evading a manhunt in the wild. The shooting forced 125 people to stay at a lodge on the mountain while guarded by police officers. The FBI, Washington State Police and US Forest Service conducted the manhunt. Benjamin Barnes evaded SWAT teams on the mountain for one day, but was discovered by a police helicopter facedown, dead in the snow. Park Ranger Anderson’s devotion to duty and sacrifice was selfless. She placed the concern of others, the mountain and her team above her own life. It is a tragedy anytime a police officer loses their life. However, her life can be celebrated and she died in a career field doing what she loved. The death of Ranger Anderson sparked a large controversy about the legality of weapons being carried onto a federal park. The common answer for weaponry in a federal park allowed for states to use their own laws in place. Hopefully, there can be legislation that can prevent this from happening ever again.…show more content…
When Francis was alive there was not an environmentalist as we know it today. Galli (2002) related that Francis was someone who would utilize nature to pray and discover more about God and himself. This contemplative prayer within nature was a instrumental role in Francis’ life. Francis was believed to have spent three months each year living in the wilderness; in caves, hermitages, or on mountainsides. Francis believed that by going back and becoming intimately related to creation itself that grew him into a better
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