Saints In Religion

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The Catholic people's devotion to the saints does not equate to conscious and intentional worship to them. After all, the Church vehemently indoctrinates that God and only God alone should be worshipped. But in the minds of many, conflict arises when people in and out of the Catholic faith begin to question the need for intercessory prayer despite the rigid teachings about being a monotheistic brand of faith where worshippers are encouraged to directly communicate with God.
The contemporary Catholic Church continues to be faced with the challenges of modernity. Often do members of the laity feel that the Church has become too rigid and dogmatic in its practice of spirituality. People in and out of the Catholic religion see the Church as a
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People grow more in faith as they know more about the Saints, inevitably motivated by the lives of the Saints and through this they wake knowing that in ordinary people like them the Holy Spirit dwells as well. All of man and women are called to sainthood. Having the presence of saints as intermediaries in prayer may help remedy this discord in faith. Saints in prayer demystify the monolithic dogmas of the Church since Saints themselves were born human, and lived human lives. The life of a Saint may be credited as an attempt of humans to emulate the life of Jesus Christ, a life that is completely subservient to the will of…show more content…
For example, the role of Jesus Christ as the primordial mediator between humans and God. It is also worth examining the theology behind intercessory prayers conducted by human beings for the benefit of other individuals. For an inter-disciplinarian approach, one can also look into the history and practice of intercession in other major religions. One can also explore the cultural niches of religious processions and patron saints. Oftentimes, these practices may be viewed as acts of idolatry and
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