Essay on Sakhalin Ii-Negotiation Process

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1. Sakhalin: Assessment of Negotiation Process Your assessment of negotiation processes covered in the three 'journey to Sakhalin’ cases. The three Sakhalin cases meander through a path hardly uncharted in the geopolitics of resource extraction industrial history of the world. A weak, ill equipped state hungry of extraction investment courts a multinational giant on ‘asked for’ terms only to turn around and rewrite the rules of the game when it has incentives and capacity to do so. What follows may be anywhere between outright expropriation to subtle legal engineering, both aimed to extract power rents. The engineered re-domination often comes with inventive euphemisms for what is essentially full or diluted expropriation or…show more content…
And this clout is dynamic, contextual and variable. • Regardless how deft political management a corporation does, the ruling establishment will have a divergent agenda • Contracts have limitations in international infrastructure projects- o A seemingly innocuous clause of an agreement can turn cancerously toxic alibi if balance of power turns or political expediency demands so as the contracts ultimately work within the context of self interest of parties; (The toll road in Thailand is one of the examples) o Paradox of negotiating the best favourable terms when constructing an agreement yet these very favourable, asymmetrical terms increase the probability of a backlash and make the contract unworkable in the long term In hindsight, the course of punctuated negotiations over the decade were not entirely unpredictable and the strength of their playing cards was the driver of new equilibriums between Shell and the Russian state, over time. 2. Group Processes-What Worked What Can be Improved A brief assessment of group processes experienced during preparation and presentation of the three cases: What worked well, what you can improve? The nearly extemporised case presentations effectively precluded Belbin’s four
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