Salamanca Chapter 1 Summary

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As I read the first page of Salamanca, I thought it was really a boring story but as I continued reading it, it becomes more interesting, I thought it wouldn’t be that interesting at all. The first chapter was all about how Gaudencio and Jacinta came to know each other. It started when Gaudencio decided to return to Jacinta Cordova, his wife of eleven days, which he abandoned in the pouring rain one early morning. The night when Gaudencio decided to return to Jacinta, he told his friend the story of his life. It all started when Gaudencio decided to go to Tagbaoran on the island province of Palawan where he wanted to become a teacher and a missioner. When he arrived at the place, a stooped, and possessed of explosive whooping cough old…show more content…
The following morning, Gaudencio made his way to Jacinta’s house, when he arrived he open his bag and began smearing the pace indiscriminately over the pages, working in silence, afraid that Jacinta might hear that thunderous beating of his heart. When Jacinta awoke she realized that every outer wall of her home was covered by paper that was filled with stories of love. After what she discovered, she started collecting the paper. It was Gaudencio’s way of courting Jacinta that everyday for 3 months, just before the sun rose, he would finish covering the wall of her house with the fruits of his nocturnal writing. Jacinta learned the name of her admirer, as he versed to be the bearer of a love that was everlasting and completely unknown to the world in its purity and perfection. Jacinta started to fall for Gaudencio –which she imagined a perfect man. But Jacinta kept Gaudencio’s presence towards Apolinaria. The storm that brought Jacinta and Gaudencio together was also fated to tear them apart. Its awful approach was announced by massive dark clouds that eclipsed the sun, converting noon into midnight and blanketing the province with such sense of foreboding. The townspeople of Tagbaoran prepared for the big storm. When the storm was about to approach the town, Mrs. Brown remained in the schoolhouse and listened to the gradual increase in the volume of the winds. In the glasshouse, Apolinaria told Jacinta that something terrible is going to happen. While in
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