Salamanca Short Story Analysis

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Salamanca’s mother left her, this made Sal feel a dire need to see her mother again. Farah Ahmadi want's to escape her hostile country with her mom. Bailey wants to get back to the person he cherishes. However, Salamanca, Farah, and Bailey went after what was necessary to them. Salamanca’s objective was to get reunited her mother again. She would do anything to see her mother. “Thirteen-year-old Salamanca Tree Hiddle known as Sal is traveling from Ohio to Idaho, in search of her mother,” (Creech, summary). After examining this shows Sal would do anything to see her mother. Even though Sal yearned for her mom, she was afraid to see her. “Gram and Gramps knew that I wanted to see momma, but that I was afraid to,” (Hiddle 5). Although Sal misses her mother, she is afraid of what might happen. Sal was attached to her mother and kept everything she gave her. “When we moved to Euclid, one of the first things I did was to unpack the gifts my mother had given me. On the wall, I tacked the poster of the red hen which my mother had given me for my fifth birthday, and the drawing of the barn she had given me for my last birthday. On my desk were pictures of her and cards from her. On the bookshelf, the wooden animals and books were presents from her,”(Hiddle 50). As much as Sal misses her she knows she has to see her mom. Sal really misses her mom and she went after her need to see her. Farah’s objective was to get out of her hostile
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