Salamanders And Geckos Similarities

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Slimy Salamanders or gentle Geckos? Well, in this essay you can learn about both! If you’ve ever heard the word Salamander or Gecko, they may sound very similar, but they couldn’t be more different. For example, Salamanders and Geckos have different and some similar habitats, diets, and colors. Here’s a helpful fact, Salamanders are poisonous and bite! Geckos, on the other hand, only bite when they are distressed, and they don’t even pierce skin. First of all, Salamanders and Geckos are completely different types of animals. Geckos are reptiles, and Salamanders are amphibians. So, as you may know, they live in different habitats. Geckos, to begin with, can live in a variety of habitats. For example, geckos can live on a mountain slope, a forest ground, or underneath the sand in a desert. However, the most common habitat of a gecko is the wet rainforests. Salamanders, however, choose to thrive in very similar habitats. They prefer moist or arid habitats, in the northern hemisphere. For example, a Salamander could live in a rainforest, a marsh, or a swamp. All things considered, there are 2000 species of geckos, so there is more variety of habitat. In contrast, there are only 500 species of Salamanders. Furthermore, the diet of both animals are very different. To begin with, Salamanders are carnivores.…show more content…
Geckos live in a variety of habitats, while Salamanders choose to thrive in “swampy” areas. In addition, Geckos are carnivores and herbivores, and Salamanders are only carnivores. Finally, Geckos are mostly vibrant/tropical colors, Salamander are more dark or murky colors. However, Geckos and Salamanders both have hidden talents. Geckos clean their eyes with their tounge. Equally as amazing, Salamanders have tongues up to 10x their body! As you can see, Salamanders and Geckos have different habitats, diets, and colors. However, they still have some (little) traits in

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