Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing: An Analysis

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Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing 1. What would you do if you were Black? I would immediately inform the CEO of the situation and the potential for a lawsuit that would essentially ruin the reputation of the company in the region of Arkansas, and throughout the industry it operates in. As these women have discriminated against for years, I would choose option 3, immediately increase their salaries. It is no one else's business what these women earn, including the men of the company. I would also provide each $10,000 in back pay as compensation for the egregious act of discrimination they have been victims of. In immediately raising their salaries I would seek to immediately meet EEOC compliance requirements and avert fines and potential lawsuits that Acme Manufacturing would surely lose. Next, I would meet individually with each woman, apologize for the blatant discrimination of the past and immediately explain their new salary and benefits package. I would also tell them they get $10,000 as further compensation for damages incurred in the past. In the context of salary renegotiations, taking a service recovery-based approach is instrumental in creating greater trust and long-term employee loyalty (Shore, Strauss, 2012). Finally I would put entirely new salary and compensation guidelines and processes in place to ensure this never happened again. 2. How do you think the company got into a situation like this in the first place? Sexism and the view of women from

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