Sale Of Credit Card Details Belonging

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sale of credit card details belonging to millions of clients. Credit card companies and banks should be able to know the kind of customer’s details that is already in the dark web and block those cards in order to avoid counterfeit use (Kandel, 2010). A majority of the cybercrime attacks against companies are usually planned through dark web message boards. Company web servers are flooded with traffic by hackers’ controlled Computer networks up to a point when they become overloaded. This is also referred to as DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service attacks). In the year 2013 the largest attack took place when Spamhaus was attacked by hackers with the intention of taking the company offline and destroying its services. Hackers also use the…show more content…
They can blemish the company brand and its brand that can in turn make the customers not to trust in the company and they can even withdraw from the company leading to huge losses. The potential threats of dark web to the government are many especially breach of important and private information. There is another group separate from the hackers known as hactivists. Hacktivism can be referred to as the act of breaking or hacking into the computer network or gaining access to unauthorized networks with the intention of promoting information ethics, political ends, free speech and human rights. As websites become more secure hackers are using more sophisticated methods. In the past hacking was done by a group of hackers but recently it is done by individuals. The individuals who perform the act of hacktivism are known as hacktivists (Ortiz-Arroyo, 2013). Hacktivists has similar tools and techniques as hackers, but they do so with the intention of disrupting services, and take the public’s attention to the social or political cause. Hacktivism started in the early 1980s when hacking was done for fun and profit. It was then that hacking was marked as a threat. At first it was in the form of worms, and computer viruses that were used to spread protest messages. An example is the WANK (Worms against Nuclear Killers). This was a computer worm that was created into the networks of NASA by anti- nuclear activists in Australia protesting
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