Sale Of Organs And Its Effects On Society

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Sale of Organs
An organ is a body tissue that helps in the general operation of the body. Selling organs is legally and morally wrong. However, some people still do that. Therefore, I believe that The law should ban people from selling their organs because each person was born with their organs. It is like property that the person should take care of. Also, organs buyers usually take advantage of the poor and weak people. I am against selling organs by all means for a number of reasons such as, the harm that it will cause to the human body, it is morally and legally wrong, the effect it has on the society, the motive behind it. Also, the ethical views on the case of selling of organs However, I believe that every rule has an exception, and in this case the only exception would be is saving another human life. also, it should be for nothing in return.
First, the effect of selling organs on the society. In the modern medical world selling organs do exist. When I was young I saw people on TV selling their organs, and as a child I felt horrible because how is the giver, since it is done for the money I cannot call this person a donor, how is this person going to live normally. Present-day organ trafficking certainly does involve excessive and unacceptable levels of harm. It has negative effect wither it is on the giver because this person is taking off a peace of a working system. Also, no matter how many medical tests would state that the body is not going to be hurt by…

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