Sale of Human Organ

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Surprisingly, nearly 10 percent of 10,000 English patients, who are on the waiting list for organs transplant, dies each year before they obtain an organ (Bates, 2011). While this number tends to rocket in not only England but also worldwide range, almost all the government still keep passing numerous policies to restrict the supply of transplant organs. Typically, they have long prohibited trafficking human organs regardless of proposals for reform. As a further work on this issue, the article “Sales of Kidneys Prompt New Law and Debate” from the book “Topics for Today” (Smith and Mare, 2004) continues providing an insight into the controversy over legalization of commercial transactions in human organs, specially, kidneys. In my opinion,…show more content…
As a result, people should have been allowed to exchange their body organs for money. Notwithstanding, it does not mean that desperately poor people are able to remove indispensable organs for living “voluntarily” based on notion of autonomy. Hence, it was fundamental to set limitations if organ trade could be authorized in the future. Commerce in body parts also narrows the inequalities between rich and poor to some extents. Initially, this claim may sounds nonsense when majority of people believe that "legalize payment for organ donors as such payment institutionalizes the belief that the wealthy ill have property rights to the body parts of the poor" (Vathsala cited in Ritter, 2008). Nevertheless, the discrimination, in fact, still persists due to the presence of black market for human flesh. By do-or-die situation of patients, the prices in the illegal market reach the extravagant level at which the poor can never afford. Pattinson (2003) illustrated that: “the desperation of some is somewhat anecdotally highlighted by the attempt of a man from Florida to auction a kidney on eBay- the price got up to $5.7 million before eBay stepped in and cancelled the auction”. On the basis of economic thinking, if the government allow sale of human organs, then it leads to the increasing availability of
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