Sale of Sand to the Saudis Essay

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Joe Raymond is a sales manager at Granite, Rock and Sand, and is in jeopardy of losing his job if he does not improve his unit’s sales performance. Joe cannot afford to lose his job because he will not be able to pay his mortgage on his new home. He began to interview candidates for a vacant position in this unit, where he is approached by a candidate, Jessica Morris, a former employee of Granite’s competitor, Silt, Sand and Such. She offered Joe inside information on Silt, Sand and Such that would help solve his problems on the condition that she is hired for the job. Joe is now faced with an ethical dilemma -- accepting her offer to save his job and home, or refuse it and hire someone more suited for the vacant sales position.

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Consequences such as, the information offered by Jessica if used will violate the property rights of Silt, Sand, and Such and if it is found that the trade secret was handed over and used by Granite, Granite may face a lawsuit. An ethical egoistic decision may also lead to hiring someone who is not valuable beyond the information that is traded and a decision will have to be made to fire her later on. She might then take Granite secrets to other competitors to acquire another job. This will affect the company negatively, resulting in loss of credibility and profits. As a result, Joe Raymond will lose his job, reputation and possibly his home.

By making his decision based on virtue ethics Joe will be able to establish a positive moral character by exhibiting characteristics of a honest, true and fair individual. By doing what is virtuously right Joe will hire someone more suited for the job, who hopefully will help boost his unit’s sales. Joe will have a clear conscience and not be worried about information being leaked on him acquiring stolen property. Joe Raymond will avoid having a tarnished reputation. With virtue ethics Joe will be able to think logically, rationally, and objectively. He will put the needs of the organization first in the most ethical manner which will hopefully be beneficial to himself and the company.

Making ethical decisions in is very difficult especially when faced decisions
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