Salem Narrative

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Do we really have to leave? All my friends are here, I don’t want to leave. It’s all because of dad’s job. Salem’s such a colder area. I think this to myself as I get dress for my last day of school in Newbery. I decided to wear a blue dress with a white scarf, it has little ruffles on the bottom half. I took my black hair and tied it up in a pretty laces ribbon. My mother gave me the ribbon when I turned 12 this year. My hair blow around when I opened the door to leave for school. As I arrive to school I start to become depressed. My friends seem to notice of the day, Sam asked if I was ok, but we all know why I was sad. I say my good byes as I walk back to the house. Dads waiting for me, He looks like an egger dog that can’t wait to go.…show more content…
My brains on Macy, she’s so interesting. She talked to me and was super nice. Dad glances at mom as im in wonderland. I come out of my trance, He looks so secretive.
“Jimmy’s daughter is accusing Chase’s daughter Macy of witchcraft” dad whispers to mom quietly.
Oh my! What have I gotten into! Everyone saw me with her. Maybe there’s nothing going on.
The next day Macy was takin out of class. I stare at her with wild eyes as the dragged her away. I try to focus on my work, but in the back of my mind I can only focus on how she is getting punished for what she did. She comes back to the room 2 hours later, her eyes puffy as if she had been crying. Her parents come and pick her up later in the day.
“Meet me by the Burch tree, near the waterhole” She whispers quietly in my ear right before she leaves.
“Ok” I don’t know if she heard me but I said it.
As I walk home I she girls crying all around me. There all delicate flowers and something is upsetting the flowers. At least that’s what mom told me when I was little. I’ve already become a lady. Maybe they are just becoming a lady too.
“Yes mom?”
“Dinner will be ready 5 minutes past”
“I’m not feeling so good”
“Maybe if you ate
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I scream in terror as I go to my parents the wake up with terror on their faces.
“They biting me” I scream
“What’s going on” My father looks at me
“The evil witch is attacking me. There are two men chasing me with pitch forks through the forest. They aren’t giving up.”
“Sweetie no one is chasing you”
“Can’t u see there gaining on me.”
As I speak I pretend to pass out. But then something hit me. I was really in pain on my back. As if someone had stabbed me. I screamed in pain as mom turns me over seeing the wounds that were bestowed upon me. Father rushes to call the doctor and as I see Macy comes running in like dog to come help. As Macy cleans my wounds and slow asked what happened after my father had left the room.
“I’m in bad hands. You cannot save me from the horror someone has put on my family.” I say, but knowingly let her come to the rescue.
“I am. I made it seem as if it was real, because it was I stopped and indeed Abigail had plans to hurt you.”
“You mean this is real.”
“Yes. You need sleep. Rest ur head I will protect you and your family.”
I guess I wasn’t the only one that night to say that men were chasing me as if I couldn’t get away. So people said dogs, or the devil himself was chasing them. I made
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