Salem Witch Trials : A Public Choice Perspective

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The Salem witch trials are a memorable period in time that had a huge impact on American society. Many people are still questioning this historical event and what lead to the people of Salem developing that particular mentality. Benjamin Ray’s, “Salem witch trials” grants primary source historical documents to support the allegations of the witch trials in that period. On the other hand, Franklin and Len’s “The allocation of death in the Salem witch trials: A public choice perspective” focuses primarily on the geographical and economic patterns during that period in time. Benjamin Ray’s article is more understandable and relatable to an American History course.
During the Salem Witch Trials, there were many citizens being accused of witchcraft in the 1690’s. Those accused were sent to the courtroom to discuss whether or not they actually engaged in witchcraft. Benjamin Ray’s, “Salem witch trials”, provides primary source evidence that shows the conversation that was held in the courtroom. He also provides drawings that were created during that time to represent how certain artist viewed the accusers. The author’s purpose of this journal is to influence his readers to think critically about the conversation in the courtroom and the drawings that were created at that time.
Benjamin Ray breaks his journal into two parts: The courtroom conversation and the drawings. In part one of his journal, he provides primary source documents that show the conversation that occurred
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