Salem Witch Trials And Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of accused witches in Massachusetts during the year 1692. It is notorious for being a dark time in American history because 20 innocent people were killed. Today, many people know about the actual outcome of the witch trials; but many people don’t know how the trials even started. The Salem Witch Trials were caused by mass hysteria in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Christians have always had a great fear of the devil as evidenced by the witch trials of Europe in the fourteenth century. The Massachusetts Bay Colony, where Salem was located, was predominately settled by Puritans, a branch of the Christian faith. Puritan ideals and laws ran the Colony. The citizens of Salem believed that the devil would approach witches and offer them power in exchange for their loyalty, allegiance, and evil acts. These religious fears were one of the strongest flames in the fire that was the Salem Witch Trials. The colony that Salem was located in was settled during 1628 and was apart of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The King of England, Charles I, offered the Puritans who lived in this area a royal charter in order to colonize the area. In 1684, the colony was released from the charter after they broke many of the charter’s rules. They were doing things like dictating their laws based on Puritan theology, tending their own currency, which was illegal in England, and discriminating against the Anglicans. After the…
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