Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

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Salem Witch Trials of 1692 Salem was a very disperse community in the Massachusetts Bay colony with a growing Puritan community in the northern America. Towns in the colony were scattered by a half days travel or more. In view of this, transportation and communication was a very slow and the settlers were threatened by the attack of bears and other wild animals. Puritans were spiritual people and believed that God is the ruler of everything they possessed. The puritans believed that they were the chosen people and therefore they had to seek perfection. They were also of the believe that it was God who provided them with good health, riches and fortunes. Salvation was an important virtue of the puritans and God could take away their salvation if they sinned and went contrary to the bible. Also, misfortunes and bad things happened to them as a presence of evil and showed Gods disapproval of their salvation. Bible reading, fasting, prayers and preaching formed an integral part of the puritan community According to Wilson, trials in Salem began in January 1692 where two young girls who lived with Paris family played with white magic. Tituba a slave who lived with the Paris family introduced the girls white magic with the objective of guessing the jobs of their would-be husbands. The young girls later began slipping into trances, cowering into corners, blurring nonsensical speech which no one could understand and also developed fits. These symptoms also spread to the other

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