Salem Witch Trials Of Salem Village

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The Salem Witch Trials

“The weather was icy cold and it was the middle of winter when four figures were found outside of Salem village casting spells” (Nemphill, 1). In Salem Village there were many recorded witch accusations, in fact the Salem Witch Trials, the witch trials of the late 1600’s was one of Salem’s biggest hit of witch trials. The tension between the accused and the accusers was strong making the trials stronger and more intense. The Salem Witch Trials is an exploration in history because Salem Village was put in a position to grasp a chance at the devil, or to choose the right or wrong decision as a village.
Salem Town and Salem village had nothing in common; in fact Salem town looked down on Salem village. Salem village was always treated poorly over Salem town and given more night shifts because of their witch encounter. Salem village had a way with stories of the devil himself and if one should come to worship such a false god in the stories it showed weakness and cruelty inside that man. Until the stories of the devil and “witch sightings” had occurred, most people of Salem village did not believe in witches until a group of girls known as the accusers had claimed a loyal servant or slave if I must, to be a witch and she had confessed in front of the court that she indeed was. The first signs of witchcraft in Salem village were when one of the accusers, Betty Paris became very forgetful and would space out and make animal like sounds. Betty Paris was…

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