Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials was probably considered the darkest time for the New England Colony. This was a mass murder of women and a few men that were supposed witches. All of this started from two little girls and a bacteria in the bread that affected the brain.

This all started on January 20,1692 when nine-year-old Elizabeth Parris and eleven-year-old Abigail Williams started to exhibit strange behavior. Blasphemous screaming, Seizures, Trance-like states and Mysterious spells. After this was noticed other young girls from around Salem began acting the same way.

By February No one was able to find any physical causes that could explain why this was happening. So when no physical ailment was determined the
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Accusations spread far and wide among the town. Interesting enough most that were denounced from witchcraft were those women whose behavior or economic circumstances were somewhat disturbing to the social order and conventions of that time. Most of the accused were already with a criminal record that included witchcraft, but others were faithful churchgoers and people that were high in the standings of the community.

The witch-hunt brought many people in accused of witchcraft. Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse, Elizabeth Proctor, Sarah Cloyce and others high in the Salem community were examined. Nurse and Nehemiah Abbott were the only ones that were denounced as witches. John Proctor was the first of many males accused of witchcraft and none of the males were ever denounced. On May 10 Sarah Osborne Dies in a Boston Prison still accused of witchcraft. Mary Easty, who was accused of witchcraft in the early stages of the witch-hunt was released from prison only to be put back in when public outcry from here accusers.

Two months after the witch-hunt began an official trial began. Those appointed were Lt. Governor William Stoughton, Nathaniel Saltonwall, Bartholomew Gedeny, Peter Sergeant, Samuel Sewall, Wait Still Winthrop, John Richards, John Hathorne, and Jonathan Corwin. Under the control of Governor Sir William Phips, this Court of Oyer and Terminer, as he called it put to trial all witches in the Salem area denounced or not. When

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